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3 Years Running!!!

Boost Sales with the Savvy Buzz…

Tea is HOT, and should be part of your business growth strategy.

For three years running New Haven Living has recognized Savvy Tea Gourmet as the premier place for everything tea.  The offering Savvy Tea has put together for its customers represent quality and selection aimed at meeting the health and enjoyment expectations of a wide range of increasingly sophisticated tea consumers.

You can take the guess work out of your tea offering by relying on Savvy Tea Gourmet to provide you winners that will sell and bring smiles to the faces of your tea loving customers.

Become part of the Savvy Tea Gourmet family of wholesale partners. Reach out to us for a consultation where we can determine the best tea program for you.

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Sip & Savor Savvy Hot Tea Selections…

OK, so beyond English Breakfast and Earl Grey what are you going to offer your customers?  You could take a wild guess and see if what you pick helps your tea program catch on…Or, you can rely on the decades of experience in the world of tea to put together an offering that will launch your tea program with confidence and pride.

Over many years, Savvy Tea Gourmet has studied and matched the tastes of consumers with sources around the globe to identify best sellers that sell and improve your top and your bottom line.

From day one your customers will be Wowed with pleasure and will come back for more.

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Beat The Heat with ICED SAVVY!!!

There is no better way to squelch the heat than with Iced Savvy Tea Gourmet. Why? Because we have researched best sellers, and have field tested hundreds of combinations to reach the shortlist of customer recommendations we call Best Sellers.

When you have a line at your counter anxiously waiting the refreshing satisfaction of a Savvy Tea Gourmet selection, then and only then will you really get just how powerful this line of refreshing beverages can be, and just how great you margin can be.

And oh by the way, it is not only in summer that Iced Savvy is a hit, it’s a year-round money maker.

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Then…There are the Savvy Tea Smoothies…

Savvy Tea Gourmet has perfected the Green Tea Smoothie, and what a delight it is!  Healthy & delicious this powerhouse will bring customers in every day for it!

Less than 100 calories, and boasting high health benefits from the stone ground high quality green tea we blend into our Green Tea Smoothie mix, this addition to your line is a sure-thing money maker.

Complementing the Green Tea Smoothie is our Black Tea Chai Smoothie which brings with it an exotic spiced quality that will thrill customers.

Please contact us for more details on the Savvy Tea Gourmet Wholesale program.

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Professional Level Tea Education…

To complement your tea program Savvy Tea Gourmet offers professional tea education certified by the Specialty Tea Institute, the education division of the Tea Association of the USA.

Classes are held at Savvy Tea Gourmet in Madison, and are taught by Philip Parda STI Tea Mentor & Educator, and co-owner of Savvy Tea Gourmet.

You can become certified in the STI Foundations of Tea Level 1 & 2 program which will give you a solid understanding of tea to help promote tea in your business.

These classes are ideal for professionals of many types including health care and culinary.

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Nature’s Apothecary…Natural Remedies

Our Nature’s Apothecary Line Offers Natural Solutions

Over years we have assembled a collection of blends targeted at helping customers avoid reaching for a pill bottle. This group of teas and herbs have been put together to offer a natural alternative that can be steeped and consumed as pleasant beverages.

Our success is validated by rave reviews that we receive from customers at the time they re-purchase their next supply. We measure our success from the confirmations we get from our customers, and the amount of product that we have to replace on our shelves.

Wherever possible our Nature’s Apothecary blends are compounded from organic ingredients, and include an increasing amount of organic herbs that we grow ourselves.

Consider taking advantage of this powerful alternative for your customers.

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