Tea Tasting

tt-5Tea tastings are the best way to see tea in a new and better way.  With 90 minutes and a dozen teas being tasted customers experience teas as they are described and explained in detail.

Each tasting has a distinctly different theme keeping every weekly tasting unique and inspiring. Tastings are posted on our calendar so it is easy to select one that is meaningful to you.

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Most of us have a paradigm of tea that we established during our childhood, based on the tea we were introduced to at home. The world of tea is in a period of renaissance and discovery where people are coming to realize that the real world of tea is very   much different and so much better than what they had come to know as tea.

Being introduced to the real world of tea by certified tea professionals that care tt-4about the tea message you receive is the key to an enhanced tea experience and journey. Tea Tastings at Savvy Tea Gourmet will be memorable, meaningful, and enjoyable.

Our Tea Tasting customers expand their awareness of tea history, The Healthy Tea Lifestyle, and how tea can enhance your life.

Join us for a Tea Tasting most Saturdays from 4:00-5:30 PM.

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