Tea Education

We all grow up with a a paradigm of tea, thinking we understand tea, I mean how complicated could it be? It’s only Tea after all…right?Tea Education 1

Educating customers about tea is the largest challenge in our business, and the reason we are in the business we are.

As we watch consumers become enlightened about what Artisan Tea and Specialty Tea are all about, we see a transformation in understanding and a discovery of the contribution that tea can make to the health, enjoyment, and well-being of our customers.

We accomplish Tea Education in our weekly tea tastings, our events, through our Tea Mentor program, and from behind the counter every day welcoming customers to join us on our Tea Garden Journey to The Healthy Tea Life Style.


tt-2Tea Tastings are a great way to build your tea knowledge allowing yourself to begin truly appreciate the value quality specialty tea can bring into your life. You will be pleasantly surprised at just how much tea will embellish your life each day.




mentor-1Professional Tea Education. For those that hope to make tea part of their career we offer professional tea education through The Specialty Tea Institute’s Tea Mentor program. A great way to develop a well rounded foundation in tea. We offer these professional level classes in our Tea Training & Education room…Savvy Tea University.

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