Special Offer For Golden Flower Dark Tea Brick Drinkers…

4 January, 2018 by Phil Parda Leave a comment

Cha Dao

Order Two Golden Flower Dark Tea Bricks during the month of August 2017 and we will include a complementary “Tea Knife” (Cha Dao) especially designed for breaking up the Golden Flower Dark Tea Brick…this is a $12.00 value to encourage you drinking your tea all summer long


Although you can use a number of other instruments to break-up the Dark Tea Brick, this tool is designed for it and will make the task faster and way easier. Take advantage of our offer to make your tea drinking even more enjoyable.


For every two Golden Flower Dark Tea Bricks you order, we will include a Cha Dao tea knife.  This applies to in-store, phone and on-line orders…Happy Tea Drinking!

Order you Golden Flower Dark Tea Bricks Now!


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