Natural Remedies From Nature’s Apothecary…Tea Tasting

19 July, 2017 by Phil Parda Leave a comment

Natural Remedies
It’s Time for Tea!
“Natural Remedies…
from Nature’s Apothecary”
Natural Remedies From Nature’s Apothecary 7/29/17
Shen Nong

Man has always survived and thrived from the bounty Mother Nature has provided.


We are still discovering the valuable information about plants we’ve known little about, and many of us re-discovering benefits of natural products vs. synthetic creations.


Many of us would prefer a natural solution to routine and not-so routine ailments and conditions. Maybe there is an option out there that could make life a little better for you. Come explore some of Mother Nature’s alternatives to Western Medicine and find some natural solutions to make your life a whole lot nicer.



Natural Remedies from Nature’s Apothecary 7/29/17


This Saturday, enjoy & experience teas and herbs that could play a role in your long-term well being.

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