Savvy Smoothie Bar

Enjoy a refreshing, healthy Savvy Smoothie!

Berry Blast, $5.00

Peachy Pear, $5.00

Matcha Green Tea, $5.50

Vanilla Chai, $5.00

Mango Madness, $5.00

Pina Colada, $5.00

Add- Mix and match nutritional boosts to get optimum health benefits.

Boosts are a carefully blended mix of vitamins, minerals and other natural products to help enhance your health.

Antioxidant Blend – This powerful blend is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin E. It is a select combination of vegetables and other natural plants that together form a high quality source of anti-oxidants.*

Calcium Complex – A superior quality source of supplemental bone building calcium and related minerals and nutrients.

Immune Formula – a special whole food botanical blend using powerful extracts and other ingredients that have been found to assist in the strengthening and reconditioning of the immune system for defense and recovery.

Multi-Vitamin and Mineral blends – A high quality multi-vitamin and mineral blend that delivers 100% of the USRDA, giving you the nutrients that are essential to your body’s metabolism, cell growth and development.

Doctor’s Garden – The ultimate whole food supplement containing over 18 whole food ingredients, consisting of nuts, seeds, grains, vegetables and fruits. This specially formulated blend functions as a cell builder by combining over 35 raw natural complex multiple vitamins and minerals, plus 19 body building amino acids.

Energy Blend – The true beauty of this blend of healthy ingredients is that it can help fight fatigue, increase stamina and boost vitality – all while reducing stress. Think of it as your own “clean” energy.*

Smart Blend – The “smart” comes from this blend’s ingredients that naturally encourage oxygen and blood to flow to the brain, which is necessary to think and talk more clearly.*

Whey Protein – An excellent source of protein due to its superior bioavailability and optimal amino acid profile.

Bee Pollen – Often referred to as nature’s only “perfect” food, it contains 18 amino acids, several essential minerals and trace minerals, natural enzymes and B-complex vitamins.

Joint Blend – A natural and convenient solution for people whose activities are hindered by painful joints. Inside this blend are ingredients carefully chosen to supplement certain joint-focused sources of nutrition that aren’t necessarily in our daily foods.

Matcha GT – Our Matcha Green Tea powder gives you all the benefits possible by consuming the wholeness of the leaves for a revitalizing energy boost. Premium grade whole tea leaves are used, ensuring that by enjoying Matcha, you receive the highest and purest concentration of green tea’s antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibers. *

Feminine Formula – A comprehensive whole food herb formula created especially for women to maintain balance and healthy life-styles.

* Contains Naturally Occurring Caffeine.

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