Loose Teas, Tea Drinks, Iced or Hot, Smoothies…and Delectable Goodies!

Savvy Tea Service

Savvy Tea Service offered in our tea room 7 days a week – order by the cup or pot. To go or to stay! From our tea collections – broad offering of the finest artisan, single garden teas; flavored teas; rooibos and herbals. Personally curated collections based on professional connections with tea gardens and producers for the last 30 years! Over 300 teas for your enjoyment!!!

First…Our Amazing Teas…


Tea Collections:

Our teas are grouped into “collections” of synergistic teas that have a related theme that is significant to each collection. Exploring the collections at our shop or on-line makes shopping for your teas a fascinating pleasure…

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The Savvy Tea Gourmet Collection:

Basic CMYKSelections of flavored or blended white, green, and black teas, also honeybush, rooibos, (uncaffeinated) and mates. The Savvy Collection offers tea drinkers unique combinations of teas, of teas and fruits, flowers, herbs, and flavors.

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The Tea Garden Journeys Collection:

Basic CMYKTeas found on our journeys around the world: Selections of fine single garden loose teas from 14 countries – whites, greens, oolongs, and black teas. These teas represent the countries and the Terroir where they have grown. So enjoyable to experience this amazing world of tea.

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The Middle Kingdom Tea Collection:

Basic CMYKPremier selection of single garden loose teas from China and – whites, greens, oolongs, blacks and dark teas. Each of these teas are a “cut above”. Selected for their characteristics and authenticity from the famous growing regions where they were grown then developed over generations of Artisan Tea Makers. Each tea exhibits uniqueness that results from the hand crafted technique that evolved over time resulting in exceptional tea quality.

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The Emperor’s Tribute Select Collection:

ETS set 1_label_opOur most prestigious selections of Artisan Teas from China, Taiwan and Japan – whites, greens, oolongs, blacks and dark teas of extraordinary reputation and quality. We’ve assembled the Emperor’s Tribute Select collection for those that want to experience the finest teas that money can buy. These teas deliver the extraordinary tea experience one would expect from the finest in tea.

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The Zhong Guo Cha Collection:

Basic CMYKZhong Guo Cha translates in Pinyin to “Chinese Tea”. In this collection you will find a grouping of teas that are less common Chinese teas for you to explore and enjoy. This grouping of teas will provide delight, wonder, and appreciation for the amazing world of China teas.

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The Nature’s Apothecary Collection:

natures-apothicary-logoOrganic herbals for enjoyment and focused remedies – always fresh delivering safe and natural benefits, to help customers avoid reaching for the pill bottle. We blend most of this collection ourselves, from organic ingredients selected for their medicinal properties as well as their flavor. We have developed our customer tested blends over years to offer pleasant herbal infusion drinking with traditional herbal remedy benefit…why not try a cup of tea?

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Elegant Tea Experiences…


Tea Time Extraordinaire. Join us at Savvy Tea Gourmet for a lovely and elegant tea experience that will keep you coming back for more. From fancy-cut finger sandwiches to clotted cream & raspberry jam.  Tiered trays loaded with delights, and brimming with fun. Six Specialty Teas served over 2 hours of tea-drinking, one every twenty minutes is served and explained to intrigued tea drinkers.

Afternoon Tea


Offered on select Saturdays every month, or by appointment with 48 hours notice. By advance reservation only

Full Afternoon Tea

ht-1Tiered trays served tableside, brimming with tea sandwiches and delicate pastries. Mini quiches and scones served. Six different teas are served over the course of the event. Tables elegantly presented with linens and fine china…beautiful!

More about Afternoon Tea at Savvy Tea Gourmet

Junior Afternoon Tea

jr-at-1Offered in our tea room daily. An impromptu tea with tea sandwiches, scones and desserts. A simplified version of our Full Afternoon Tea. Comes with one pot of tea for the table to share.

More about Afternoon Tea at Savvy Tea Gourmet


Savvy Bakery

Any day is a great day for a cup of tea and something scrumptious, and Savvy Tea Gourmet is just the place to find it. Treats to go along with your tea – to go or to stay! Delicious, gluten-free options, too! (Gluten Free) We have a wide selection of goodies to suit ever palate;

Raspberry Crumb Cake

As good as you imagine…this is one serious crumbcrumb-cake cake! Layered with raspberry filling to make this cake extra special and impossible to forget.

Pecan Bar

pecan-barLike the best Pecan Pie you ever had, but in a guiltless size to satisfy your craving, and you don’t have to worry about eating the whole pie!


Gluten-free goodness like you can’t imagine muffinsexists! Our muffin selection consists of Blueberry, Banana Walnut and Carrot. Everything you dream of in a muffin, without the concern of gluten.

Tea Cake

Our gluten-free Tea Cakes are mouthwatering and satisfying from one end to the other. A generous treat for one, or a satisfying snack for two.

Peanut Butter Cookie

Gluten-free peanut butter bliss! Impossible to tellpeanut-butter-cookies it is gluten free, this peanut butter cookie is a crowd pleaser.

Quiona Cookies

quinoa-cookiesBet you never had one of these before…and you don’t know what you are missing! Gluten-free and scrumptious. Try one of these as soon as you can so good tasting and one of the healthiest cookies you can get!

Lemon Square

lemon-squareLemony richness in this dense creamy lemon square will melt in your mouth. The perfect complement to a steaming Darjeeling or tea of your choice.

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