Golden Flower

Golden Flower Heart Healthy Tea is the “Ancient China Mystery Tea of The Tea Horse Road”.

During the Song Dynasty, it was discovered in China that the tea had properties enabling it to help with digestion, weight loss, lowering blood fat and lowering blood sugar.

Tea Horse Road


Research on “Golden Flower Mystery Tea”

Researchers found that the “Golden Flower Mystery Tea” acquired its seemingly magical ability during the long journey from its origin in southwest China to its far-reaching destinations in the northwest.

During its journey, the tea was exposed to the elements as it traveled for many months over the long and difficult terrain of “The Tea Horse Road” on the backs of pack animals in bamboo baskets.

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Golden Flower Probiotic 3

Powerful Benefits

It is the combination of the cultivar and processing techniques that yields a tea with these powerful benefits; including the “Golden Flower” human-friendly fungi.

It is enzymes from this human-friendly fungi pro-biotic that complement and enhance the affectivity of the tea to deliver its benefits. While the reputed benefits of the tea are amazing, what has “leapt out” into the forefront with this tea is the impressive feedback on cholesterol levels and improvements coming from customers I’ve introduced the tea to.

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Dark Tea in Mug

For centuries

For centuries this tea has been renowned in China and surrounding countries for its pleasing aroma and flavor as well as its health benefits. I first learned of this tea while traveling in China. Over the years I’ve studied its history, origin and processing, and through polling of customers, have become increasingly impressed with the feedback I’ve received related to health benefits. Particularly to the results of before and after cholesterol measurements customers have shared with me.

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My Belief

My belief now is that when combined with other good healthy lifestyle choices this tea is improving people’s lives tremendously. If you are willing to pay attention to diet, exercise, get adequate sleep and introduce 2-3 cups of this tea a day, you’ll have a good chance of improving and maintaining your cholesterol levels, as well as gaining a host of other health benefits.

In addition to the valuable cholesterol hyperlipidemia fighting benefits, the Chinese researchers report of the teas polysaccharides benefits for helping with improved digestion, blood glucose, weight loss, tumor growth protection and protection from liver-alcohol related diseases.

If we were able to make cholesterol improvements by regularly drinking this tea and incorporating mindful healthy lifestyle habits, we could improve our chances of defending against:

  • Cerebral Infraction
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Kidney Failure
  • Lower Limb Artery Thrombosis

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