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Phil & Judy Welcome You To Savvy Tea!
Phil & Judy Welcome You To Savvy Tea!

My love affair with tea started in the 70’s when I first became more aware of green tea and its reputed health benefits. My infatuation with tea quickly moved from health interest to pleasure and on to a passionate dedication.

I became a life-long student of tea, and ultimately decided to spend my life working with tea and the global tea community every day. I’ve created a mission of helping my tea friends around the world with “Improving Lives with Tea…One Sip at a Time”.

I travel the tea gardens of Asia looking for regionally famous, very special micro-climate teas, grown by family farms and small growers using techniques developed over centuries. I’ve selected all of our teas. The variety and quality are exceptional, and are a treat for those that want to experience authentic flavor from unique tea gardens throughout the world.

~ Phil Parda

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In 2008, Phil and Judy Parda opened their first brick and mortar location in Madison, CT.  Dedicated to educating their customers on artisan teas, the health benefits of tea and following a healthy life-style, they bring a fresh approach to the industry.  Combining the classic with a modern twist, Savvy Tea offers its customers a place to relax and enjoy fine teas and sweet treats.  Their knowledge and authenticity define them as trusted purveyors for specialty teas.

At Savvy Tea Gourmet, we are not only a destination for exclusive teas, but also a place to explore a healthy lifestyle, and discover tea aromas & flavors of the world.

Come visit us to experience over 250 loose-leaf teas from around the world, or visit our on line store to have our same great teas delivered to your door!

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